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NFL Lockout to continue

Friday night, a three-judge panel provided a temporary delay to the injunction directed by the district court. The temporary delay has left the NFL lockout in a limbo during the weekend. It has also left the players wondering about when they shall be able to resume their work.
Expedited schedule
Earlier during the week, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals had set an expedited schedule for appealing the injunction. Many legal experts believe that the scheduled hearing for 3 June will prevent any irreparable harm the players may suffer. However, the two-one dissenting judge cited this as the primary cause for denying the stay request. This reason bought hope to the sports analysts and legal experts that the complete stay will be granted to the league. Therefore, the delay in the decision has left most experts and analysts wondering.
Plausible reasons for delay
According to Gabe Feldman from Tulane Law School, a possible delay in the decision could be the complex nature of the case. In addition, he believes that the issues raised are intersecting between the labor law and the anti-trust laws. Feldman, who has been an analyst for the NFL Network believes that the judges on the panel may be undecided and they may be trying to sway each other to reach an agreeable decision. On the other hand, the judges’ action can be deliberate as they are aware of the expedited appeal date and the temporary stay held in place. Most legal experts believe that since the cause of the delay is unknown, it is not possible to predict the consequences of the delay’s outcome.
The bigger question
As is commonly known, federal judges act on their own will and because there is no timetable for a ruling, the long delay on the full stay has left lawyer representing both parties anxious. If the judges allow the continuance of the temporary stay, it could imply into a full stay. A denied stay request brings pressure to the owners as the NFL could commence its business. On the other hand, if full stay is granted, players will face an economic pressure, as the NFL would continue remaining shut down for business.






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