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Memorial for Seve Ballesteros wanted by players

Sports lovers from across the world continued to honor the Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros. A minute’s silence was observed at all the competing events and the flag was raised at the venue for the Players Championships at Sawgrass.
A great player
People from the world over paid tribute to the five-time Championship holder. Recently, the Seve Trophy was renamed as Vivendi Trophy with Seve Ballesteros; sporting fans want more tribute for the great European golfer. Padraig Harrington suggested changing Harry Vardon’s figure on the European Tour’s logo with Seve Ballesteros’ figure. The idea gained momentum quickly among the sporting community. The suggestion was supported by Rory McIlroy and Chubby Chandler when contact was initiated with them on the social networking site, Twitter.
Support for Seve Ballesteros Memory
The support to create a memorial for the great golf player was augmented by Montgomerie while he was interviewed on Radio 5 Live. According to Montgomerie, Seve Ballesteros was instrumental in bringing a new outlook to the European golfing community. Montgomerie also mentioned that the sport in Europe was what it presently stands due to Ballesteros’ contribution to the game. In addition, amount given as prize money for European tournaments have skyrocketed due to a single person. Ryder Cup becoming an international golf event was also due to the efforts of Ballesteros.
The memorial
Ballesteros was instrumental in taking the Ryder Cup to great levels. However, the great golf player is equally admired in the United States, a country that describes the player as the European spiritual leader. According to tradition, the run-up to the Players dictates that the national flag of the defending champion is raised. However, the winner of last year’s Championship, Tim Clark wanted the La Bandera De Espana unfurled in memory of the golfer. The tournament officials granted to Clark’s request and decided to fly the official Players Championship flag at half-mast in Seve Ballesteros memory.
The funeral for completing the last rites for Seve Ballesteros will be conducted on Wednesday in his hometown, Pedrena in Northern Spain. In addition, Sawgrass will host a players’ service on the same day.






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