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Jerry Jones will remain as the owner and the general manager for the Cowboys

Jerry Jones the owner and the general manager of the team The Cowboys will not leave his designation for any means. He will not leave the post of the General Manager and at the same time he is not going to sell his team in near future. He has assured this in an interview recently.
He said, “The structure of our team is different. I am involved in all the important matters in the team. Therefore, I cannot avoid taking necessary decisions especially if the decision is about setting a team. It is always a debatable subject that which player will be in and who will be out, and I as a general manager and the owner of the teams have to make the final decision. It is quite sure, that I am not going to leave it.”
Well there is no doubt about the fact that, the past record of this man for his team is quite extra ordinary. He has already won Super Bowls for thrice. However, now the time has little changed and recently the performance of his team in NFL Football is not at all satisfactory.
Overall, there performance is 3-5 in this season which may cause a lot of worry for the team. Recently their performance in Super Bowls is also quite ordinary. They could only manage to win two games in playoff since their last appearance in 1995.
The performance was so poor that only five players could stay in the team in 2010 of the players who played with no deposit casino bonus. Their statistics is 123-124 after their successful year of 1997.
Some big deals have been done with Marco Rivera, the guard, Marion Barber , the running back, and Ken Hamlin, the safety, but that does not work positively for the team.
However, Jones has picked some of the other players who have performed well for the team like Morris Claiborne, Bruce Carter and Sean Lee. Therefore, it can be said, that in recent years Jerry Jones have provided a mixed performance as a general manager.
He said, “The way, we have taken decisions recently, has worked well for us. We are sure; it will work good in near future also for our team. We make small adjustments and those are quite necessary to do for the success of the team.”
Barry Switzer was the last coach, who was the winner of Super Bowls. However, he was fired from the team in 1997. Since then five coaches have been with the team. Only Wade Phillips could provide them two wins in the playoffs in NFL Football.
Jones said, “If the manager was any other person, I would have wanted to change him. However, the situation is not like that for us.”






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