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Battle Begins for 3rd and 4th Position at Champions League

Finally the much-awaited football Champions League has started, triggering massive curiosity among fans throughout the world. The stage set for acquiring biggest title of championship has turned into an ugly football League, with all major teams putting up their sleeves and gearing up for strong fight.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur have entered into the race to occupy third and fourth positions in the championship, for the moment. However, Chelsea is probably not in their best form this season, until now; and is lacking in consistency.

With Arsenal’s resurgence as a great performer on field and Tottenham’s natural spree, Chelsea has to put in their best foot forward to make their mark in this Elite stage set for football league.

In October, last year, Chelsea acquired top berth of the Premier League grabbing four points. However, their condition has changed drastically and they are lagging behind with nineteen points. Chelsea are just ahead of Arsenal, who are currently positioned at fifth place.

This would also prove to be a challenging phase for the fans of Chelsea. The team in Blue has to travel to Manchester United and Liverpool to put up a grand show. They should also prepare to face Everton and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge, in order to reap in the opportunities and extract momentum of the League. Their face-offs at Southampton and Fulham also appears to be the trickiest part of their lifeline in this League. However, given the record of accomplishment and quality, Chelsea should be able to turn these opportunities in their favor.

Juan Mata and Eden Hazard of Chelsea have potential to turn around the present phase of the team. However, some of their potent spearheads like Demba Ba and Fernando Torres are still out of their form.

Arsenal still has to face Manchester United after visiting Swansea and Tottenham. Their face-off with Everton, next month, on the grounds of Emirates would even chalk their future in the league. All eyes are on Wenger, Gervinho, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud.

On the other hand, Tottenham are also facing certain difficulties on their dream chase. They would be facing Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton and Man City. Even off-home conditions would also come as a disadvantage for them. Their matches at Stoke and Swansea would prove to be their break points.

Gareth Bale is presently proving to be the golden boy of the team. In case he retains this form for the rest of the League, Tottenham would become a favorable team for this Football League. Addition of Jermain Defoe would certainly provide extra momentum to the team.






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