Two popular sports in the UK are football and horseracing. For these two sports events, many UK bookmakers are offering different sports betting odds and betting options.

Besides having inside information, manipulation of the match, knowledge of probability and knowing who are involve in the game to increase the chance of winning, Knowing the best odds offering is of key importance to bettors who want to maximize their potential winnings and to make correct value bet.

Since Bookmakers are not gamblers but are in the business of making a profit, they see to it that the odds can attract bettors from both sides of a bet. The odds change as the kick-off become closer and as more bets are coming. As news about the team become public knowledge, it influences bettors’ choice as well as the odds; the odds become “fluid,” confirming or changing opinion about the outcome of the match in question. Regardless of the outcome of the match, bookmakers adjust the odds using their own calculation to ensure a profit.

How do bettors know the best odds offering since bookmakers do not use the true odds of various sports events? Since odds offering of various bookmakers’ sites vary, bettors can compare to get the best odds. However, the amount of bet and public opinion influence bookmakers’ odds offers. The odds that they offer are not a true reflection of the chances of winning or losing. Another way to find out the true value of a bet is to shop around for the best odds offering and calculate the overround, which is the bookmaker’s profit. The higher the overround margin, the lower is the chance of winning for bettors.

Unless bettors are privy to inside information crucial to the outcome of a sports event, the only way to increase winning chance is to compute odds, implied probability, overround and compare the odds offered by various bookmakers to find the best value for a bet.

NFL football betting and general sports betting

The NFL’s undoubtedly the trendiest bet of all the key American sports that concludes with the super bowl, the trendiest sport of the year. In the section below we will talk about all NFL betting and general sports betting types that include money line, spread, parlays/teasers, totals, halftimes, & futures.

nfl football betting

Spread Betting

Just as is the case with numerous high scoring games, NFL is governed by point spread. The spread, / line, is a form of side bet that balances the likelihood of winning a stake. The line presented for a specific team come with a – / + symbol to point out whether a side’s among the favorites or underdogs.

Money line

In NFL, a phrase that is more widespread than even before is “any given Sunday”. This is the reason behind the possibility of Money line bets being incredibly lucrative when placing a bet on any of the underdogs. This bet’s one that’s placed on one of the favorites or underdogs for winning straight up. The example below is from Week 10 of the 2010-11 NFL season

Other football betting and general sports betting types

Quarter & 1st Half Lines

A greater number of betting techniques are generally on the ultimate result of that contest. On the other hand, for sporting events like NFL & NBA, 1st quarter & 1st half lines are offered also. The use of Quarter spread is in determining who is going to win after the 1st quarter has come to an end. This goes for a 1st half line also with the difference being the wager terminates on the conclusion of the initial couple of quarters. Commonly the spread on the 1st half is going to be nearly 50% of the overall spread on a game.

Halftime Lines

In-game bets are also placed when the halftime is underway for determining the result of the 2nd half and they’re referred to as halftime/ 2nd half line. This line makes up the happenings of the 1st half for determining how the remainder of a game is going to be.

Totals / Over/Under

Placing bets on totals, / Over/Under is a rather simplistic concept. The person places the bet on whether overall points racked up in a game would be dropping over / underneath a pre- established set of numbers by sports book. Just as is with point spread, totals could be influenced by the opinion of the public.

Teasers/ Parlays

Wagers that are placed alongside spread, money line, & totals for increasing the payout in football betting and general sports betting are referred to as Parlays. A parlay can win only when each and every individual plays hit. The teaser is identical to parlay, barring that the better lays points in his/her favor for helping the bet arrive at fruition.


This sort of football betting and general sports betting is just as the name suggests with the person betting placing a bet on an incident that will transpire afterward. Like one can imagine, the trendiest futures wager in NFL is the side that would be the winner of Super bowl.

Hope the above information has proved to be helpful enough for you.