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Complete sports information and articles including NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, College Basketball scores and news.

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Can You Win Cash Playing Online Bingo?

“Two fat ladies”, “house”, everyone who plays bingo will know these phrases. Bingo is a game that has been around for many years and there are not many people who haven’t played at some time in their lives. Simple to understand and great fun, bingo is a game for all ages and backgrounds.

So, the big question is, can you actually win any cash when you play bingo online? Well, the answer is yes, you can. Great, you think. How do I start?

Register online
First of all, do a quick search to find one of the numerous online bingo for cash websites. There are loads to choose from, all of them colorful and exciting, designed to draw you in and choose them as your online bingo hall. Fill in the simple registration form with your details and you are good to go.

Bingo deposit money
The next step is to buy your tickets. If you are savvy, you will have chosen a cash bingo website that offers a cash incentive for joining. There are some great offers out there. For a deposit of around $10, some sites will give you an additional $20, $30 or even $50 for you to play with. If you are really lucky, you will find one of the sites that offer you $20 or $30 without having to deposit any of your own money. This extra cash can give you a really good boost.

Pick your online game
There is a wide variety of games on offer and you will be spoilt for choice. It is a good idea to start with one of the basic, simple and classic bingo games that are easy to understand. Press the button and start to play. If you get the bug and want to carry on, try some of the other games, there is so much variety; it is difficult to get bored.

How much cash can I win?
There are many different amounts of money on offer when you play bingo for cash. Prizes can vary from a few dollars up to thousands of dollars if you are really lucky. Not only that, many sites offer other prizes such as luxury holidays. So for the price of a ticket, you could find yourself sitting on a hot beach in the Maldives – how cool is that!

Keep your eye out for special offers
Most cash for bingo sites have special offers on a regular basis. Keep your eye on a number of different sites and watch out for special offers such as extra bonuses or even buy one get one free. There are so many sites and they are all in competition with each other, so chances are there will always be a great incentive that you can take advantage of. In addition, why not register with more than one site. That way you will be able to take of all the great incentives that are on offer, giving you more free cash to play with. The more you play, the more you can win.

Good luck!

Odds on Betting in English Premier League Still Risky

started again and its first week back will feature numerous top-tier games amongst teams jostling to occupy the pinnacle of the league. For bettors it is a nice opportunity to get going once again – but you would do well to remember what happened right before the league went on break.

Right before the break, the biggest upset was undoubtedly Sunderland beating Manchester City. Granted, Manchester City’s away form has been pretty bad, but them being beaten by a team stuck in the relegation zone was still pretty unexpected.

That is just one of many an unpredictable turn of affairs in the season so far, and it has led to bookmakers reflecting as much in their betting odds. It is hard to find good odds nowadays, even for matches involving a clear favorite – and that has a lot to do with the fact that upsets have been hurting many bookmakers and bettors alike.

Of course there are some teams that are still fairly ’safe’ bets. Despite Arsenal’s loss to Manchester United right before the break, they’ve generally been looking positive and should continue to do so. Unfortunately, soon the team will face off against a resurgent Southampton that has surprised many with their recent spate of results and seems intent on defying all odds.

In short – even that won’t be a ’safe bet’ by any stretch of the term.

Needless to say as the season trickles on some of the top clubs will start to hit their stride and stabilize. Until that happens however, the odds on betting in the English Premier League will continue to be risky, but where there’s risk – there are rewards too!

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Arsenal: Champion contenders?

This year’s start to the new Premier League season has thrown up many questions. No team has exploded out the blocks; plenty have spluttered, but Arsenal, usually the king of slow starts sit happily at the top of the table. The Gunners have also unexpectedly found themselves among the favourites for the title this season with the sort of sportsbook recommended by The question is: do they have the means to win the league?

The free-flowing attacking side formulated by boss Arsene Wenger, is going hell-for-leather with four consecutive league wins. The £42.5million signing of Galactico Mesut Ozil has sent fans into raptures, finally a big money signing after many years of financial shrewdness. The loss of Robin Van Persie really showed last year as they often looked short up-front, but Olivier Giroud has stepped up this season and is proving he is the man to replace the big boots left by the Dutchman. Injury plagued Aaron Ramsay meanwhile has been unplayable against this season, showing signs of the promise that persuaded Wenger to bring him to the club five years ago.

Arsenal are not without their problems though. Inconsistency has always been their Achilles heel, often losing games that they should be winning, such as their 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa on the opening day. Unlike teams such as Chelsea and United, Arsenal struggle to win when they are playing badly and this has led to the gulf between them and the top three.

Another predicament for the club is that Giroud is their only striker after they missed out on Luis Suarez in the summer. Possessing one striker is hugely problematic; if he were to get injured they’d be in all types of trouble. You can’t mount a title challenge without a goal-threat.

Ultimately, we will see whether Arsenal pose a threat come January. If they are still in the hunt for the title and have the funds to bolster their squad, bringing in a defender and striker, they have every chance of winning the title for the first time since 2004. Watch this space!

2013/14 Barclay’s Premier League

Cole Ryan is a guest writer from, follow him daily on Twitter at @coleryan9

The 2013/14 Barclay’s Premier League is in the process of becoming one of the most exciting and explosive seasons ever formulated. The twenty member clubs that make up the league have a commitment to excellence which will be a role model for the entire world who follow the game of football. Each individual club has set a goal to increase the level of transparency which will make a more enjoyable season for fans around the world. The Premier League Rules formulate the foundation of everything that makes the league credible while the level of play keeps getting better and better each season. The level of excitement in addition to the commitment of all teams involved should make this season the best one yet.

When the season opens up and the fans enter the individual stadiums the excitement, team loyalty, and intensity reaches a fever pitch. The games generate a electricity so intense that it becomes contagious. Many of the teams that play in the league are famous the world over. The super star players are set to take this season to new heights. Some of the biggest names in the game of football are part of the Premier League which is one of the major attractions for the league. These universal stars help to elevate the aspirations and play of the youth in England as well as the youth in other countries who embrace the game.

The Barclay’s Premier League is picking up where it left off last season and is taking the league to a higher level of excellence. The league is a worldwide phenomenon which is generating interest on several continents. The league exploded in the 1992/93 season and for the last twenty one years, every aspect of the organization has experienced astronomical growth. This includes the players, management, owners, officials, fans, and the over all concept of Barclay’s Premier League.

The official start of the 2013/14 Premier League Season is Saturday, August 17th, 2013. There will no doubt be a huge population seeking tickets for the games. All that is needed to obtain tickets is to simply visit the club websites. Ticket information can also be found at 24/7. A large population will probably be visiting from international cities. Before you book plans and reservations, it is advisable to check the fixtures section of the website to obtain current information. This will avoid making travel arrangements that are not compatible with the scheduled games.

2013/14 will be the twenty second year of Barclay’s Premier League and there will be one major change. This change will involve new goal-line technology. The main reason behind this change will be to assist the officials. The code name for this technology is called (GLT) short for goal-line technology. This new technology will support officials in their decision making; However, (GLT) will not replace the role of the officials. Electronic devices will be utilized in order to remove doubt as to when the ball completely crosses the goal line. There will be a lot more going on in the 2013/14 Barclay’s Premier League. The was just a preview or a look through a small portal of what is to come this season starting Saturday, August 17th, 2013.


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